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Success Stories

Sherlock and Tanner

“Hi there. Just wanted to update you on Sherlock and Tanner (formerly Taz and Evie). They’re completely settled in now and are absolutely gorgeous. Sherlock loves to cuddle on top of us, and comes to say good morning every day as we wake up. Tanner loves to be brushed and pet. They both spend a lot of time outside in our garden and have learned to climb really well (photo attached). We really feel like they’re part of our family, with two little personalities. We play with them every day and they are well behaved and easygoing. We couldn’t have asked for better cats! Thank you!” – Jenny & Gerbrand


Sherlock and Tanner (formerly Taz and Evie) 2         Sherlock and Tanner (formerly Taz and Evie)


“I have been meaning to send you a few photos of Henry for some time – now very much settled and the centre of our household – with two totally besotted parents!! We can’t tell you how thrilled we are that we took him as he’s turned out to be so amusing and loving. He’s been the subject of a famous artist when Christian Birmingham who illustrates children’s books did the attached pastel drawing . I’m hoping Henry will become the hero of the next book, he certainly has the character for it! Rest assured this is a real success story for the RSPCA – I only wish we could house a few, as life here in the country is definitely one Henry can recommend. Thank you for letting us have him – he rescued us after our other dear feline friend had passed on.” Melissa and Jeremy.




“When we saw Indigo it was love at first sight. We just had to have her, despite the fact that we weren’t planning to adopt a young cat. When we took her home she hid in the bathroom, but within 1/2 an hour she was discovering the flat and having cuddles, we couldn’ t believe how quickly she settled down. She particularly loves sitting on the couch having cuddles, so have sent you some photos of her in her fave position. We love her more and more with every moment she is with us. ”


“Percy is the softest most loving cat ever. He wants to cuddle all the time and sits on my knee purring all evening. He sleeps a lot, but has the odd mad half hour when he likes to play. I had him as an indoor cat but am also training him to wear a harness (green paisley, such a gent!) so that he can get a bit more exercise. I have got him to wear it for a little while, distracted by food. Speaking of which he eats anything (see picture of him choosing which pouch to have).

I took him to my mum and dad’s for a little holiday at Easter – he was so chilled on the train and was even on my knee for some of the journey! He settled in there really quickly, he is so adaptable, and now I know he will be fine when I go back for Christmas.

I’m so happy I found him, I honestly don’t know what I did without him. He’s no bother at all, just pleasure!!” – Nicola



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