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Marzipan & Marigold

Marzipan & Marigold

Mother and daughter Marzipan and Marigold are ready to find a new stable home where they can settle down

Breed: DSH
Age: 3, 5
Gender: Female
Good with Kids: *Unknown*
Live with Cats: Yes
Live with Dogs: *Unknown*

More Information

Marzipan and Marigold are mother and daughter. They’ve had a pretty difficult time of it so far, sadly due to their owners being evicted and no longer being able to care for them. Our inspectors were able to get hold of them and make sure they came into our hands. But enough about the past, they are with us now and within our lovely followers we are sure to find them a safe and stable new home where they can settle down and make themselves a new family!

Marzipan is the mum, although at just five years old she was a pretty young mum. Sadly due to infections she has had to have her teeth removed, thankfully she’s back eating well now she’s no longer in any pain. She’s the black and white one.Her daughter Marigold is around three years old and is pure black.

These girls are so friendly and happy, but must be rehomed together so we are looking for someone who can take them both on. As with all our cats they will be vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and ready to go!IMG_9010 IMG_9009

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